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What are the benefits of children riding bicycles for their growth


Riding a bicycle has a very great help to the growth and development of children. First of all, its exercise intensity is not large. Secondly, it can strengthen physical fitness. So what are the other benefits of cycling for children? Let's find out.

Cycling is good for children's growth

Sport is a child's nature, and riding a bicycle can promote children's movement, balance ability 'full development, the earlier the bike, the more beneficial to the development of children's sports talent.

Riding a bicycle can cultivate courage in children

In addition to simple skills, riding a bicycle can also help develop a child's character of courage and confidence, as well as the ability to communicate and cooperate.

Riding a bike is good for fitness

Cycling can improve cardiopulmonary function, exercise lower limb muscle strength and enhance overall endurance. The endurance exercise effect on internal organs is the same as that of swimming and running.

Riding a bike can improve your baby's reflexes

Research results of modern sports medicine show that cycling is heterotelateral control movement, the two legs pedal alternately can make the left and right brain function can be developed simultaneously.

Cycling is good for a good mood

The more time you spend cycling outdoors, the more open your heart will be and your baby will feel relaxed and active.

Cycling is an effective way to communicate in person

Taking your baby out for a bike ride can strengthen parent-child communication. Choose a street park or suburban road, riding with your baby in a relaxed environment can make your baby trust you more and become a good friend to each other.

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